Rust Never Sleeps

Neil Robertson Venture presents 'Rust Never Sleeps' a live celebration of Neil Young's best loved songs. Spanning from the late 60s to the 90s, this show presents a selection of some of the best album tracks and most iconic tunes from Neil Young's vast back catalog.

Presented in acoustic format by Melbourne based singer/songwriter Neil Robertson, this concert is faithful to the legacy of Neil Young, in voice, songwriting and playing. Starting with material from Buffalo Springfield days and with cuts from After The Gold Rush, Harvest, On The Beach, Rust Never Sleeps, Comes A Time and many others, all the way to Harvest Moon, this show is not to be missed by fans of the idiosyncratic Canadian legend.

One or two sets, on acoustic guitar/piano and harmonica, this is a high quality show suitable for intimate venues or larger concert settings. The full track list includes:

RUST NEVER SLEEPS - The songs of Neil Young

Mr Soul (1967) Buffalo Springfield Again

The Loner (1969) Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

Cowgirl In The Sand (1969) Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

Cinnamon Girl (1969) Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

Last Trip To Tulsa (1969) Neil Young

Helpless (1970) Deja Vu

Ohio (1971) Live At Massey Hall

After The Gold Rush (1970) After The Gold Rush

Donít Let It Bring You Down (1970) After The Gold Rush

Heart Of Gold (1972) Harvest

Old Man (1972) Harvest

Needle and The Damage Done (1972) Harvest

Journey Through The Past (1973) Journey Through The Past

For The Turnstiles (1974) On The Beach

Tonightís The Night (1975) Tonightís The Night

Barstool Blues (1975) Zuma

Cortez The Killer (1975) Zuma

Long May You Run (1976) Long May You Run

Like A Hurricane (1977) American Stars and Bars

Look Out For My Love (1978) Comes A Time

My My Hey Hey (1979) Rust Never Sleeps

Thrasher (1979) Rust Never Sleeps

Powderfinger (1979) Rust Never Sleeps

Captain Kennedy (1980) Hawks and Doves

Transformer Man (1982) Trans

Prisoners Of Rock and Roll (1987) Life

This Notes For You (1988) This Notes For You

Rockin In The Free World (1989) Freedom

Natural Beauty (1992) Harvest Moon

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